Our Mission

Providing Online Education and Guiding candidates to enhance their skills in getting a better carrier.


Regardless of being in the 21st century, the educational system of our country hasn’t progressed as much as it should have. Recent statistics conducted by, Aspiring Minds, on employability focused study, shows that barely 7% of the students graduating from colleges all around India are suitable for core engineering jobs. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that a group of professional and highly experienced educationalists, address this concern.

For a long time, the pathof a student hasn’t been smooth sailing, in our country. As a community and society, we face numerous problems and most of which, effects a student’s development through his/her journey. Thus, we intends to create a new branch – KlassPM – in order to cater to the various needs of a student. With developing various educational projects, we intend to boost the quality of education present in our country. We wish to eradicate the problem of ‘lack of resources’ to those students who cannot afford good education. It is one of our primary concerns to be able to give a helping hand to those who have none. KlassPM, would thus, present any and all kinds of educational material, be it in the form of video tutorials or subject matter descriptions, to students ranging from numerous backgrounds of study.

It is to provide valid arguments for academic professionals on the values of developing educational program projects, student learning outcomes, implementation of assessment plans, guidance and career counselling, for the purpose of continuous improvement.